More than thirty years ago 'Spinder bike carriers' launched one of the first bike carriers on to the market. Spinder, which was a well known name in the field of metallurgy and design, designed from a customer's question, a firm and strong bicycle carrier which had to be fitted to the towbar.

In 2013 Spinder® bike carriers was acquired by Tradekar Benelux BV in Culemborg. With the acquisition of Spinder®, Tradekar Benelux BV strengthens its position as a leading supplier of bike carriers in the Netherlands and Europe. Spinder® continues to exist as a brand and Tradekar Benelux BV will further develop and produce the Spinder® bike carriers.

Since 2014 Tradekar continues with the manufacture of two Spinder® bike carriers. The Spinder® Cross and Tour both had a minor upgrade and is now mounted on to the tow bar by a patented quick connector. This quick connector is already been used for several years by Tradekar on the Pro User® bike carriers.

The Cross and Tour are professional bike carriers from Dutch origin and made for the real bike lovers who gingerly handle their bicycle and want to transport it safely. With bike carriers of Spinder® you can fully enjoy the freedom of cycling in the city, in the nature, on holiday and wherever you want.