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Safe and reliable bike carrier for the transportation of 2 bicycles
  • Easy to store due to the folding system 
  • Suitable for almost all tow bars, all bicycles and wheel dimensions
  • Easy and quick fitting onto the tow bar with the quick connector
  • Trunk stays accessible by an easy to use tilting mechanism
  • The bicycles are held in stable wheel holders
  • Seatpost attachment possible, so no forse on, for example a carbon frame of the bicycle
  • Flexible and lockable clamps
  • Lighting via a combined 7 & 13 -pin (Jaeger) plug
  • Including fog light and reverse driving lighting
  • Ride on ramp and storage bag available
The Xplorer+ is also available without the tilting mechanism, the Xplorer.
For more information, please contact our office at +31 345 470990.